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健康 Professions Advising supports students and alumnae in their exploration of the health professions. As part of the Lazarus Center for Career Development, 健康 Professions Advising offers access to valuable resources for charting your course, with the confidence that the chosen path will be the right fit.

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健康 Professions Advising sponsors a weekly lunchbag series for students interested in the health professions or any 阀杆 field, along with other events.

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Board of Advisers

The members of the Board of 健康 Professions Advisers are appointed by the provost of the college and work closely with the staff of the Lazarus Center for Career Development. The Board members provide advice to help you prepare to apply for admission to health professions schools. We can advise on courses, balancing academic and extracurricular work, developing a timetable and the application process. If you’re not absolutely sure you want to pursue a career in the health professions, or if you’re sure but are wondering about the timetable to follow, feel free to set up a meeting with one of us. All conversations are confidential.

Webinars & Recorded Presentations

The Board of 健康 Professions Advisers offers periodic webinars on the application process to health profession schools and occasional other prehealth topics. Alumnae and students studying off campus are encouraged to take advantage of this presentation format.

Recorded Presentations

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Current Board Members

David Gorin, 椅子
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Elly Mons
Director of 健康 Professions Advising

Jess Pfeffer
Assistant Director, Science & 健康 Professions Advising

Kevin Shea
Professor of Chemistry

Samantha Torquato
Laboratory Instructor of Biological Sciences

Doreen Weinberger
Professor of Physics

Christine White-Ziegler
Professor of Biological Sciences 

Sarah Witkowski
Associate Professor of Exercise & Sport Studies

Contact 健康 Professions Advising

Lazarus Center for Career Development

Drew Hall, 84 Elm Street

Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-2582 电子邮件:

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